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Brooklyn Bridge

Thursday, July 6, 2017

The Three Trees

Hello pleasant readers,

Today I am going to start off with the story of the three trees (narrated by yours truly):

'There was once a rather nice round, green hill in a beautiful land. On the pinnacle of the hill grew three trees. They started as saplings and grew to be strong and true trees. One day the three trees decided to talk about their aspirations and dreams in life. Tree number one had a dream to one day be carved into a magnificent treasure chest to carry the world's most precious objects, gems, jewelery, and artifacts. Tree number two wanted so badly to be cut into a magnificent vessel to carry kings and queens and rulers across the sea. Tree number three wanted to grow to be the tallest tree on the hill, and the closest to God. The years went by and the trees clung tightly to their hopes and desires.
Jose's baptism!
In time lumberjacks came to the hill. They cut down tree number one first and he was terribly excited because he knew he was about to be carved into a magnificent treasure chest to carry the world's most precious objects, gems, jewelery, and artifacts. They cut down tree number two second and he was thrilled because he knew that soon he would be cut into a magnificent vessel to carry kings and queens and rulers across the sea. And last they cut down the third tree who was very sad because he knew that now he would never grow to be the tallest tree on the hill, and the closest to God.

However, the first tree was cut into a simple chest without a top, which was placed in a barn far away and oxen ate hay out of him. The tree was very, very sad because he hadn't been carved into a magnificent treasure chest and he didn't carry precious objects, nor gems, nor artifacts. However, one night a woman laid a small newborn in his hay and somehow he knew that he had carried the most precious treasure the world had ever known.
 It was such a sweet day. :)
Raquel and Dasha (cute baby) and Joselyn are my favorites.
Us and Valentina

Sisters Hilliard and Panoussi
The rose our member bought me.❤
Thanks mom and dad! The new scripture markers were much needed!!
A bunch of missionaries at FHE
The second tree was carved into a very small boat that could hardly carry a few people and was only used by fishermen. He was devastated because he knew that now he would never be a grand vessel who would carry kings, and queens, and rulers across the sea. But one night he was on the sea and there was a terrible storm and he thought he would never even make it back to shore and his wood would rot in the depths of the small sea in which he dwelled. A man was then awakened who slept within his small deck who calmed the sea. The tree knew that somehow he had carried the most magnificent and royal king who had ever lived across the sea.

The third tree was cut into a wood pile that was used for firewood and other odds and ends. He was distraught and without consolation because he knew that he would never grow to be the tallest tree on the hill, and never be the closest to God. And one day, years later, he was placed on a hill and the Savior of the world was crucified on his wood. He knew that he had indeed grown to be the tallest tree on the hill, and he was the closest tree to God that had ever grown.

The moral of this story is that all the trees accomplished their dreams and hopes - but it wasn't in the way that any of them had imagined. However, they all eventually became what the Lord wanted them to be.'

I testify that the Lord wants us to achieve our hopes and dreams and that as we reach out to him he will shape us and lead us and guide us to be the people he wants us to be. That story is taken from what Elder Nixon said last night, though I think I may have changed some things in the written narration. It really touched me, though, and I wanted to share it with all of you.

This week was amazing. We had an opportunity to see Jose's baptism. After a very long time investigating the church and coming with his family (his wife and step-daughter are members) he called us and said, "I want to be baptized this Sunday." So, we made it happen! It is amazing what a ward can get done when they all pull together for a common cause! We have a hope that one day they may be able to be sealed for time and all eternity. It was beautiful. The gospel is true!

Funny stories and miracles from this week
-We couldn't figure out where to have a lesson with our investigator and member present so the member's daughter suggested RiteAid because there are chairs in the back. So we went in and I sat on one of the side tables and there were already two Hispanic ladies sitting there and one of them asked, "So, are you going to teach us about God?" I asked if they wanted me to and they looked at me like I was crazy and said, "of course!" So we added two new investigators to our little group and talked about the importance of prayer and these ladies were *amazing*. They testified to our investigator about how important prayer is and promised her blessings and at the end of the closing prayer one of the ladies was crying. To make her feel better I complimented her earrings and she took them off and gave them to me. And then our member bought us roses at a corner store a block down. And the lesson was excellent. 100% A+ exchange with Sister Spencer.

-The next day we were walking and talking with a potential who was a dad and he bought us frozen oreo hot chocolate at Dunkin' Donuts because he saw we were trying to make the world better and he said it was something he hoped a stranger would be willing to do for his daughters. His love for his daughters touched me.

-I got a Queen's library card this week! Having fun isn't hard when I've got a library card!

- A random guy pointed at us yesterday and said, "Look! It's the mojo jojo powerpuff girls!"

-Me: (after interviews when it was 2:00 and President hadn't even eaten anything) "wow, he works so hard. He should have assistants or something to help him."

Hna. McDowell:"... Assistance?"

Me: "No, like an assistant or something."

Hna. McDowell: *gives me one of those 'it's blantantly obvious you don't understand' looks* *waits about five seconds* "... he does have those! In fact, he has two of them! They're even called 'the Assistants to the President'!"

Me: *realizes what I just said and it dawns on me that he does in fact have two missionary assistants to help him*
*And we both burst out laughing*

It was a spiritually uplifting week. The Lord works miracles through His humble and faithful servants!

I love you all,

Hermana Ally Voss

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